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ESG Investing - What Is It? How It Can Help The Environment
Join us for an educational webinar on investing
with Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and Impact Investing.
ESG and impact investing has evolved significantly in the past years, driven by increased investor demand and the financial materiality of ESG factors.
• COVID-19 has further amplified the importance of ESG considerations, with “good
companies” recovering more quickly in the recent drawdown
• With this growth, there is a wide scope of focus, approaches, and potential investment
• We believe the increase in demand is here to stay, with the support of demographic shift
• Through working with our clients, we have learned a few key lessons:
o Investors may do good and do well when integrating ESG and impact investing into
traditional asset management
o Investors should be wary of broad ESG data and apply the right tools in the investment
o ESG and impact investing is a process, not a singular act
• Investors can implement utilizing various strategies across asset classes and GSAM can help
Guest Speaker: Candice Tse
Managing Director, Head of US Market Strategy, Strategic Advisory Solutions Goldman Sachs Asset Management


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